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Company Profile

B-CHEM S.r.l., a highly advanced chemical company, was founded in the 60’s by Mr. Beniamino Bernardi.
At the beginning its main activity was the production of floor polishing machines. Then it also started the production of abrasive stones.
Later on, in the 90’s, the company widened its production range to polyester glues and epoxy systems for the marble-stone-granite field. Concerning polyester glues, with a daily output of nearly 30 tons, B-CHEM is the
biggest Italian manufacturer of this product. At the beginning of 2000 B-CHEM started to produce car putties for the car refinishing field.
In 2017 a new project was started to open a new production plant to manufacture polychloroprene, polyurethane, natural rubber and SBS based adhesives, destined to general purposes, to upholstered furniture and in particular to the shoe industry.
At present B-CHEM exports more than 98% of its total production to more than 40 countries in the world. In 2017 more than 400 containers were loaded and shipped everywhere in the world.

Company Abrasivi

Factory mainly used for the production of abrasives for marble, stone and granite (abrasives in magnesite, synthetics, frankfurt, pororal, 5 extra, …), polishing powders and abrasive pastes.

Company Mastici

Establishment specialized in the production of polyester mastic for marble in its different solid and liquid formulations (straw-colored, white, transparent, crystalline and colored) together with the production of fillers for the car refinishing sector and epoxy systems.

Company Adesivi

New generation plant built to produce solvent-based adhesives (polychloroprene, polyurethane) and water-based adhesives, as well as spray products for upholstery.


Here the section that shows a description of the various products with the possibility to download information material.

ADHESIVES for professional use – General purpose (DIY) and shoe industry.



EPOXY SISTEMS for marble and  granite.

SPECIAL PRODUCTS for multi-surface treatment.

UNIVERSAL dye paste.

UNIVERSAL POLYESTER BODY FILLER for fast and easy repair of car body, aluminium, fiberglass and other metal surfaces; also suitable for wood, concrete and more.

NITRO UNIVERSAL THINNER high quality raw materials, balanced formulation, for cleaning surface, paintbrushes and general use, for dilution of base paints, primers and anti-rust.

UNIVERSAL “EXTRA STRONG” PAINT REMOVER: for metal, wood and wall. Effective on all types of paint. Also suitable for the nautical sector.

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Zona Industriale “A” – 62010 Civitanova Marche (MC)

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Via Aurelio Ciarrocchi, 58
Civitanova Marche – 62012 (MC)

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